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2015-5-7 · Written on 07 May 2015 . Contractors in Ethiopia working as GC (General Contractors), BC (Building Contractors) and RC (Road Contractors) registered in Ethiopian government listed below up to grade 6. GC 1 / RC 1 / RC 1 - Grade 1 Contractors. GC 2 / RC 2 / RC 2 - Grade 2 Contractors. GC 3 / RC 3 / RC 3 - Grade 3 Contractors.

What Is A Post-And-Lintel System Of Construction?

2022-2-17 · The most straightforward instance of load and support in construction is the post-and-lintel system, in which two upright components (posts, columns, or piers) support a third member (lintel, beam, girder, or rafter) lying horizontally across their upper surfaces (see Figure 1). Stonehenge is a good example of post-and-lintel masonry from the ...

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2016-10-2 · The paper major objective was the analysis of lintel construction as well the significance of the key players who has a major role in the said area of study. And base from the discussion, the three people who has direct link in lintel construction were civil or structural engineers, architects and interior designer.

What is Lintel Level | 9 Different Types of Lintel Beams

2020-11-18 · At the construction site, the prestressed concrete lintel is used to increase work speed. The load-carrying capacity of prestressed concrete is higher compared to the RCC lintel. Precast lintels are suitable for span lengths up to two meters (2000mm); if the opening width exceeds two meters, the lintel will be cast-in-situ.

Basic Steps Guide to Installing a Lintel

A lintel must be properly installed in order to function correctly. Steps to installing a Lintel. Proper lintel installation requires numerous steps. We''ll take a look at some of the basics below. Minimum End Bearing. In order for a lintel to provide the correct support, it needs to extend far enough onto the brickwork at the side of the door ...

Construction In Ethiopia

You can subscribe and stay in your workplace and check any new jobs via your email. But only for engineers and people working in the construction sector only. Yes, there are bid posts everywhere, but particularly construction, particularly in Ethiopia here, is the only choice for real free. Jobs and tenders are updated frequently.

10 of the Best Construction Companies in Ethiopia 2022

2022-1-3 · The construction industry alone recorded 11.6% annual growth which was brought on by a substantial increase in infrastructure and construction investments in Ethiopia. 10% Ethiopia''s GDP growth by 2023 . 12% Ethiopia''s construction annual growth rate . 6.1% Ethiopia''s construction equipment market revenues (CAGR 2019-2025)


Contractors in Ethiopia are working as GC (General Contractors), BC (Building Contractors), and RC (Road Contractors) registered with the Ethiopian government are listed below up to grade 6. GC 1 / RC 1/ RC 1 - Grade 1 Contractors GC 2/ RC 2/ RC 2-Grade 2 Contractors GC 3/ RC 3/ RC 3-Grade 3 Contractors

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2022-2-2 · BGI Ethiopia PLC Technology Stack. Find prospects by the technologies they use. Use this section to learn more about the key technologies and tools used by BGI Ethiopia PLC and how they affect the user interaction and engagement with the company. Explore 16 technologies across 8 categories used by BGI Ethiopia PLC. Microsoft Outlook.

What Is Lintel Beam? | Types and Size of Lintel Beam

2021-2-27 · Let''s assume the opening length as 2m and 200m a minimum load-bearing space at both ends. The length of the beam will be 2.4m or 2.5m appx. (L = 2+0.2+0.2). For the lintel beam, the minimum thickness should be 100mm or 3.9/4 inches. So, lets calculate for 2m span. (Thickness = 2.4/20+error= 114mm). Our Architecture services : Check Out.

Ethiopia''s Construction Industry: Transforming a Nation

2017-4-11 · ITEConstruction Machiner y Ethiopia: Transforming a Nation Section 1 – Introduction to Ethiopia Ethiopia is one of Africa''s fastest growing, most vibrant economies. Enjoying double digit GDP growth year-on-year for the past decade, and with a quickly growing population, the nation is ready to become a regional leader in construction.

What is Lintel? Uses and Types of Lintel in Construction.

2018-9-9 · 3. Reinforced Brick Lintels: 4. Steel Lintels. The Lintel is a horizontal member placed just over the openings of doors, windows, verandas, etc. to support the load of the masonry work over It. Lintel beams provide supports to the openings in building and transfer that load safely to the masonry walls or columns.


2013-3-1 · Ethiopia has embarked on a long-term development strategy which aims at achieving sustainable human development with all pre-requisites for a middle income country by the year 2025. ... construction industry should be tailored within its requirements. Furthermore, in order to achieve meaningful results within a short timeframe, there is need ...

Chained lintels in a building – What are the implications?

2020-4-27 · Advantages of chained lintels. (1) It can improves the rigidity of the building. This is a no-brainer since more redundants are being added to the frame of the building. As a result, the building can behave more as a unit due to the increased linking members. (2) It improves the robustness of the building.

Lintel and Its Types in Construction

2018-4-10 · Lintel is a short beam with its ends built into a wall. It is a horizontal structure placed over small openings of the walls for doors windows ventilate cupboard etc. Width of the lintel is equal to the width of the wall. ... One …

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LINTEL – ENGENHARIA E CONSTRUÇÃO (ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION), S.A. is a company providing Engineering, Construction and Public Projects services in Angola. We offer a high quality and efficient response to the most demanding construction challenges, regardless of the size of the building or infrastructure.

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LINTEL has worked in both the private and public sectors in a number of Angolan provinces, both on the coast and in the interior. Our operations are characterised by our responsible conduct and commitment to our clients. We have been involved in various types of projects and construction work, ranging from the construction of buildings and ...

Top 4 largest construction projects in Ethiopia

2020-7-7 · Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) formerly known as the Millennium Dam is a gravity dam on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia that has been under construction since …

Construction in Ethiopia

2007-4-10 · Construction in Ethiopia 3 Standardisation Standardisation in building is a process of creating vari-ous elements in building to a certain specification size and quality. Standardisation is an important principle of ra-tionalisation and requires that buildings be built of stan-

Precast concrete lintels | 9 Different Types of Lintels

2021-8-13 · A lintel can be made of many things, such as stone, brick, wood or steel. In carpentry a one-piece lintel is called a saddle. The precast concrete lintels are formed through the use of machines and hand work and are usually made from reinforced cast concrete that has either been shotcrete finished or sprayed with coloured cement paint, which makes a very strong …

Lintel construction – Southwest New Brunswick Service …

2021-11-26 · Lintel construction. Lintels (often incorrectly called "headers") are the built-up horizontal elements above openings in load-bearing walls, usually framed over spaces that will later be occupied by windows or doors. They are thus almost always located at the exterior of a building. Lintels are essentially two (or three) pieces of lumber nailed ...

Lintel [a comprehensive study on types of lintel] …

2022-7-20 · Typical details are prepared based on the project details for the construction team to proceed with construction without much difficulty. If the span is known, the arrangement of the lintel can be selected. Mainly there are two …

What Is A Lintel In Construction? (Solved)

2022-2-17 · Lintel A lintel is a horizontal element that is used to span openings such as doors, windows, and other similar structures. Bearing for the lintel: The bearing given should be the smallest of the three scenarios listed below. I 10 centimeters ii) The length of the lintel beam iii) 1/10th to 1/12th of the lintel''s overall length.

What is Lintel? Types of Lintels and their Uses in Building …

6. Reinforced Cement Concrete Lintel. At present, the lintel made of reinforced concrete are widely used to span the openings for doors, windows, etc. in a structure because of their strength, rigidity, fire resistance, economy and ease in construction. These are …

Lintel Beam {Purposes, 6 Types, & Advantages}

2020-5-20 · To resist the tensile stress, main reinforcement bars are used at the bottom, and at the ends, half of these bars are cranked. There are many advantages of this type of lintel beam such as; These lintels are strong, rigid, and durable. It has fire-resisting properties. They are easy in construction and are economical.

What Is Lintel? Types Of Lintels And Their Uses In Building

2022-7-18 · 1. Cut lintel: It is a type of lintel beam spanning only over the openings. Mostly a precast lintel beam is used. It is common in load-bearing structures. 2. Band lintel: It is used in framed structures as a tie beam connecting all the columns in a structure. It spans over the length of the building like a regular beam but above the openings.

Lintel Definition

Definition of Lintel in Construction. Structural component across an opening. This opening can be a door, window, or other open area within a structure. Commonly referred to as a header or a lintel. The lintel can be precast concrete, steel, wood, masonry, etc. In many cases the lintel across the top of an opening is an architectural feature ...